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The origins of Master come from the great passion for the sea of its founders, the Gargiulo spouses , who began this journey in the 70s in Segrate (Milan). Their first work experience was in the service industry, and focused on the manufacturing of neoprene tubes for almost all the oldest companies of the nautical sector. Then, in 1983 they founded their own company, Master, and a few years later obtained the Master patent with the ” Magnum ” version.
When the use of fiberglass reached the marine industry, the company created a special double molded hull with a fiberglass floor decking in the tubes, which allows a better balance of the overall structure, avoiding a stern-loading and thus allowing a dry and smooth navigation even in rough sea.
In 1997, when the company was already ranked among the best Italian brands, Pietro Gargiulo decided to move back to his birthplace, Palermo, whith his family and the company… finally on the seaside.


The working process starts with the cleaning of the moulds, continues with their wax-coating, and ends by their painting with a first layer of gelcoat in the colour chosen by the customer.
In the moulding room both the hull and the deck are produced (with a “sandwich” technique), assembled and then pulled out from the moulds. In the meantime the tubes go through the whole assembly and graphic set-up, while other components such as the console, the roll bar, and the platforms are brought in.
Once all these accessories are ready, the production continues in the assembly room, where the tubes are assembled and decorated according to the models and colours requested by the customers. While preparing the tubes, also the structural components such as the console are set up.
At the end of the manufacturing process, we move to the finishing room, where the different accessories, such as winches, cleats, steering wheel, handrails (produced in our steel plant), and lastly cushions, are assembled.
As a last step, the boat is cleaned, the basic systems (electric system, ventilation and fuel) double-checked, and finally the boat is wrapped in a polyethylene heat-shrink film , ready to be transported to its destination.

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